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100 Days To Go: Europa Road Makes Brexit Simple

Website visits increase to customs page

With 100 days to go until the end of the transition period, Europa Road is reporting a threefold increase in visitors to its webpages featuring customs solutions.

Europa Road launches 10-minute educational film

As confusion continues over Brexit, pioneering logistics operator Europa has also invested in a detailed 10-minute film. It is designed to explain the customs process for importers and exporters to keep the supply chain moving.

The educational film explains how customs works and how to keep goods flowing to minimise the impact on businesses, making the ‘customs conundrum’ simple and easy to understand. The video covers everything from “T” forms to border clearance and is broken down into helpful sections: 1. How customs works 2. Why goods get delayed 3. How to keep goods flowing.

Comment from Dionne Redpath, Sales and Branch Network Director

“Comment from at a time when many trade associations are complaining and businesses are finding the information difficult to digest, Europa Road is focused on offering a solution.

Too many people are focusing on the problems – we’re focusing on the solutions. We’re making Brexit simple by offering customers simplified content which is easy to digest. We’ve listened carefully to what customers want which is why we created this film.

“Whether an importer feeling anxious about the impact on the supply chain or an exporter worrying about losing EU business. We have stripped back the detailed information around the customs process to create straightforward, uncomplicated content. We help businesses understand how to keep imports and exports running smoothly.”

Watch the video here

To see ‘Unlocking the Brexit Customs Conundrum’ click here

More about Europa Flow

The content has been launched alongside the firm’s pioneering new customs product called Europa FLOW. Created by Europa Road, it delivers a simple and effective customs process to minimise transit time delays. The first of its kind, Europa FLOW will combat any delays created by the need to contact importers prior to delivery, to agree terms, and collect VAT and duty prior to delivery.

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