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Cyber Crime Warning and Disclaimer

At Europa we care that you do not become a victim of Internet Fraud


If you have been offered farm machinery for sale involving transportation by Europa then this is fraud, please report this to the appropriate authorities.

Uk –  National fraud and cyber crime reporting centre :  https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

European Cyber crime reporting centre : https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime/report-cybercrime-online

See our full Cyber Crime Warning and Disclaimer below.

Cyber Crime is forecast to grow to $6 trillion (globally) by 2021 and at Europa, we are anxious that you are not misled by fraudsters using our identity on websites and email messages to mislead people on the internet. Falling for any of the myriad of scams being perpetrated can prove very expensive so be cautious at all times. Fraudulent communications typically concern requests for advance wire transfers, credit card payment or other means of advance payments for money to pay for goods ordered via the internet.

In Europa we have been contacted by people who have fraudulently been sold a tractor on-line, paid for it in advance based on the promise of delivery by Europa, which never happens and the scammer cannot be traced. Documents looking like having come from Europa are used which are made up and false. This is just an example of one of the many ways that fraudsters may try to trick you into making an advance payment.

Europa never asks for or accepts payment in advance for transport or other Europa Services, except for Cash on Delivery shipments, where payment is only due at the actual moment of delivery, and at no other time. In all other cases payment is only ever required after a delivery has been made. We advise all customers to be aware that the existence of a consignment number or fake Europa paper is not proof that the goods are in our custody.

Therefore, if you have you been asked to pay in advance, then something is not right!  Furthermore, Europa will never ask, in writing or by telephone, for any personal information such as PIN codes, passwords or credit card details.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of any Europa communication or whether Europa is in fact delivering a shipment to you, please call our action helpline in Dartford  +44 (0)1322 474000 who will direct you to the correct person to speak with.


We do everything in our power to prevent these scams from happening, but Europa assumes no liability for damages caused through unlawful or fraudulent usage of the Europa name. We hope, however, that this information prevents you from becoming a victim of fraud.

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