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Europa Air & Sea joins fight against COVID-19

Europa Air & Sea has responded to the increasing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) by creating a dedicated team to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Supporting the frontline

Specifically handling PPE products, the new team at Europa is responsible for ensuring swift despatch to large scale medical equipment providers.  These are suppliers to the NHS, contributing towards the national effort to help those on the frontline.  

Working closely with trusted partners at source including Turkey, Israel, China, Hong Kong and the USA, Europa Air & Sea has supported a variety of UK customers meet the demand for supplies, including in the ecommerce sector.

Minimising the impact

Europa Air & Sea ensures that every customer is provided with the most suitable options for their supply chain, depending on their unique requirements. The division is focusing on minimising the impact of the virus to its customers by offering continued high levels of service in all sectors.

Angus Hind, Director of Europa, Air & Sea said “The pandemic has brought a lot of added complexities to our division. The Seafreight team at Europa Air & Sea has encountered some difficulties and the market is seeing some shortages of equipment and space, particularly on the Far East to Europe trade lanes. However, as a division, we are concentrating on ensuring our continuation in service and that we remain open for business.

Working as a team

Miles O’Donnell, National Air and Sea Sales Manager added “Our team has been incredible; their professionalism and dedication has kept our division running and the morale up. It is a true testament to the Air & Sea division and shows our determination and resilience in such an uncertain time.”

A helping hand

In the recent weeks, Europa has been tasked with moving an array of shipments for a variety of clients, these include CE certified masks for large food retailers and cartons of hand sanitiser that will allow customers to continue operating safely.

Not only is Air & Sea helping meet the demand, Europa Warehouse recently jumped in to action to supply the new NHS Nightingale Hospital in London with an urgent delivery of medical beds on behalf of its customer Accora UK Ltd.

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