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Europa Brings Onboard New HR and Talent Team

Europa Worldwide Group has announced a new HR and Talent team following a series of new appointments and promotions to nurture talent within its rapidly growing business.

The new team

The expert team includes Elaine Robertson, Head of HR, Laura Watkin, Head of Talent and Vanita-Dass Puri, who was recently promoted to Group Recruitment & Talent Manager.

Alongside nurturing new talent, the team will work to address sector wide issues including employee engagement levels and attrition rates.

Elaine Robertson, Head of HR

As Head of Human Resources, Elaine Robertson has been recruited to assist in the formation of Europa’s strategic goals, at a time of great change and amazing opportunity for all employees.

Elaine said: “My specialisms in creating operational structure and policy, coupled with creative input into how Europa interacts with its employees will lead to the creation of a central service that reaches out and touches every part of the Group.

“Employees are one of the Europa’s prime investments, so they have to be cared for in a way that allows them to be productive and flourish as individuals.

“It is my role to ensure the department is fit for that purpose. My experiences married with well-honed decision-making and critical thinking will ensure that as a group we are recognised as one of the top employers in our industry.”

Elaine will be managing a team of three including Angela Reece, Human Resources Manager, Emma Page Payroll & Pensions Manager and Sophie Busuttil, HR & Payroll Administrator.

The team will be responsible for areas including HR planning and policy, well-being, compensation, employee engagement and communication, alongside events. In her previous role, Elaine worked as Group HR Manager for 12 and a half years, before being attracted into the Transport and Logistics sector.

Laura Watkin, Head of Talent

Laura Watkin’s role was created by Europa to oversee the innovative talent strategy designed to secure and retain talent of all levels across the Europa Worldwide Group.

Laura will be responsible for overseeing and implementing ‘talent nurturing’ throughout the careers of Europa’s 900 employees. A radical approach within logistics, the programme will include: learning and development; coaching and mentoring; early career management; succession planning; appraisals.

In addition, Laura will oversee Europa’s Rapid Career Development Programme (RCDP), a unique, fast track scheme for bright and passionate young people aged 18 – 21 to reach senior leadership roles within four years of joining the organisation.

The RCDP will be driven forward by Lana Jay, Early Career Talent Manager – another role which is a new addition to the company. The programme, which has seen a high number of applications, is on the way to hitting its target of recruiting 20 trainees this year.

Vanita Dass-Puri, Group Recruitment & Talent Manager

Laura is supported by an Internal recruitment team led by Vanita Dass-Puri.  Since joining Europa as Internal Recruitment & Acquisition Manager in September 2017, Vanita has played a vital role in recruiting excellent staff members for Europa and now been promoted to Group Recruitment & Talent Manager.

Going forward Vanita will head up and oversee the Groups internal recruitment strategy. Her role will be to grow the recruitment team to deliver a best in class function.

Rob Ross, Director of Finance, HR & Talent

“We’re confident by creating a team of experts within HR and Talent we reduce staff turnover rates at Europa.

“Like many logistics companies, Europa experiences reasonably high levels of staff turnover. Whilst at 18-20 per cent per year, our attrition rates are lower than the industry average (26 per cent), it remains a drain on company resources.

“The new approach aims to cut staff turnover significantly, rewarding loyalty and ensuring Europa is a fantastic place to work for all employees.”

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