Europa Road forms new partner in Paris

Europa on the road to Rennes

We are now offering a new daily road service between our 1hub facility in Dartford and Rennes in the North West of France. Operated by our Europa Road team, the route is our fourth line into France, further strengthening our product range and adding capacity where it’s needed.

International logistics provider Ziegler, based in Rennes, will serve as our local partner, building on our existing relationship in Colmar and Lyon.

Europa Operations Director, Dan Cook said the latest addition to the road freight division is hoped to bring about significant improvements to lead times and a reduction in operating costs that can ultimately be passed on to customers.

“For a long time, we’ve sought to establish a fourth route between France and Dartford and we see Rennes as the ideal location to cater for a critical mass of existing and growing volume to the North West of France.

“We’re confident the daily road service will translate into real competitive advantages for our customers by creating a faster and more direct route across the English Channel.”

France is the most common country of disembarkation for all road goods vehicles travelling from Great Britain to Europe, accounting for 59% of volume1. We have invested heavily in our French operation over the last four years and in 2017, our UK paid consignments to and from France grew by 17 per cent. Together with our partners across France, we now move over 1200 consignments and over 1 million Kgs between the UK and France each week.

“Our ambition is to become the leader in road freight between the UK and France, which is why we have focused carefully on selecting more daily direct routes and working with proven and motivated partners like Ziegler whom we can trust to deliver day after day,” Dan said.

“The French market is not only important from a groupage perspective, but it remains the key transit route for the majority of our other lines and so creating a robust and reliable product is mission critical.”