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Europa secures top talent

Europa secures top talent. It’s all part of a radical, new approach to nurture talent within its rapidly growing business, addressing sector wide issues including employee engagement levels and attrition rates.

The first of its kind within the logistics industry, a new talent nurture programme is being headed up by newly appointed, Head of Talent, Laura Watkin.

This new role was created to oversee the innovative talent strategy designed to secure and retain talent of all levels across the Europa Worldwide Group.

Like many logistics companies, Europa experiences staff turnover. At 18 – 20 percent per year, Europa’s attrition rates are lower than the industry average (26 per cent), but it remains a drain on company costs.

The new approach aims to cut staff turnover significantly, rewarding loyalty and a long term, committed workforce across the organisation.

Watkin will be responsible for overseeing and implementing ‘talent nurturing’ throughout the careers of Europa’s 900 employees.

A radical approach within logistics, the programme will include: learning and development; coaching and mentoring; early career management; succession planning and appraisals.

The implementation of a series of holistic attrition policies, including exit interviews to understand reasons behind leaving, a review of benefits such as pension, healthcare and life assurance arrangements, will also be included.

In addition, Watkin will oversee Europa’s Rapid Career Development Programme (RCDP), a unique, fast track scheme for bright and passionate young people aged 18 – 21 to reach senior leadership roles within four years of joining the organisation.

Carl Potter, HR and Facilities Director at Europa Worldwide Group, who spearheaded the new talent nurture initiative, explains:

“Europa’s talent nurture programme takes a radical approach – one which has a proven track record in professional services, but until now, hasn’t been prioritised within logistics. The ‘softer side of HR’ is incredibly important.

“I believe that our approach is sector leading and will change the way in which the logistics industry works. People are the heart of Europa’s business.

“Investment to bring on board the very best, and keep on board the very best, is imperative to us. We are an intelligent and open-minded company, and our talent nurturing practices reflect this.

“As a whole, logistics companies must be forthright and face head on the challenges we all acknowledge.

By retaining staff through better engagement levels, reducing regrettable attrition, and providing an excellent place to work, we not only boost our individual business outcomes, but can also help to address the wider skills crisis, helping improve productivity as a whole for the UK.

“I am therefore delighted that Laura Watkin has joined the team as Head of Talent. Laura’s newly created role will ensure that our employee life cycle is ‘touched’ accurately at all stages, from the point of joining, leaving, to alumni relations.

“Having an individual on board who can follow and affect this employee journey is ground-breaking for our business.”

Watkin joins Europa Worldwide Group from Teach First, which appeared in The Times Top 100 graduate recruiter.

She will oversee a team of three, including Mark Chopping and Vanita Dass-Puri, Internal and Recruitment Acquisition Managers, appointed in 2018 to drive Europa’s recruitment operation.

Laura Watkin, Head of Talent at Europa Worldwide Group adds:

“I am passionate about unlocking potential, both in existing employees but also when recruiting for new positions. I believe this is the key to attracting and retaining the best staff.

“Central to this, is creating a place where people want to work, understanding mental wellbeing, paying attention to why people leave, and understanding attrition.

Europa’s strategic approach has already made great inroads, and I am looking forward to continuing this momentum.”

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