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Richard Litchfield, Europa Worldwide Group IT Director

Europa Sets its ‘Site’ on Online Functionality

We have accelerated into 2018 with the launch of our new website – a fresh and functional site which offers customers a range of online services.

We have officially unveiled our new website as the latest ‘piece in the jigsaw’ as part of our ambitious goal to be the leading operator between the UK and Europe.

IT Director at Europa Richard Litchfield said: “As the business evolved since its acquisition by Andrew Baxter four years ago – with a new structure, new goals, new markets and new partners – we quickly identified the old website was in need of a complete refresh. It wasn’t in line with our ambitious and forward-thinking attitude as a business and it didn’t reflect our personality.

“So we set out to redesign it and the result is fantastic. The website demonstrates the capabilities of our four divisions, which are now separate companies, clearly and succinctly as well as telling the story of Europa’s eventful 50 year history.

“The new website also allows customers to access new functions. LeoWeb offers the facility to book shipments as well as shipment tracking and freight labelling, whilst benefits from LeoFinance later this year will include customer sales invoices and account information and payment options.
“We’re looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers and partners about our new website and hope they enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.”

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