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At Corby, Midlands Logistics Park:

Our newest and largest facility is now open.

  • Future-proofed
  • 715,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility
  • Above market standard 18 metre heights
  • 3 floors of mezzanines
  • 3PL/storage – For further information on our facilities and the services we offer, or to arrange a site visit, click here
  • Warehouse and Grade A office space – If you’re looking to lease warehouse space or Grade A offices, click here
  • Recruitment – To find out more about the job opportunities on offer at our Corby site, or to send your CV, click here.
Corby Warehouse
Europa Warehouse

£11m investment into state-of-the-art automation

Europa Warehouse has developed its 715,000 sq ft 3pl facility in Corby further with £11m investment into state-of-the-art automation.

The new, cutting-edge technology will create increased efficiencies for Europa’s customers and help cater for increased demand. It will also provide a streamlined service, giving the ability to better plan and predict the flow of goods.

Click here to find out more about the investment.


Europa Warehouse:

Award winning facilities and services in Birmingham and Dartford and a brand new super-sized facility in Corby.

The team offers an integrated 3pl, warehouse and logistics operation across more than 1,072,000 sq. ft of dedicated warehouse and logistics space.

At Dartford:

  • 25,000 pallet storage capacity
  • Direct input into our European network
  • Direct input into our domestic network
  • Removes domestic collection cost
  • Close proximity to UK ports
  • Later picking cut-off times

Our services include:

    • Order fulfilment
    • Container loading and unloading
    • Value-added and pre-retail services
    • QC
    • KPI reporting
    • Product serial number scanning
    • HMRC bond facilities (A-Type)
    • Systems integration and bespoke solutions from our in-house IT team
Pancreatic Cancer UK

Europa Warehouse team raises £11k for Pancreatic Cancer UK

The team at Europa Warehouse have raised over £11k for Pancreatic Cancer UK by hosting various charity events across its warehouse facilities.

After losing a valued member of Europa to pancreatic cancer, the Europa Warehouse team understand the vital need for funding for the charity and hold it very close to their hearts.

Patrick Swayze, Alan Rickman, Sir John Hurt, Aretha Franklin, Steve Jobs all tragically lost their lives to the disease.


Pancreatic Cancer UK explains how “there has been silence around pancreatic cancer for too long and this has meant too little funding and attention. People are still being diagnosed too late to survive. Half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months. This has to change.”  With around 9,600 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the UK each year,  the importance of learning about the signs and symptoms to hopefully increase the chances of an early diagnosis is so incredibly vital. For further information, visit Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Learn more about Europa’s charity events.

We’re proud to offer specialist expertise in:

  • Drinks (wine, beer and spirits licensed facilities)
  • Dedicated HMRC excise warehouse
  • Ecommerce

Seamless implementations of complex logistics operations

In house customs clearance

We deal with all the customs paperwork for you

Specialist experts

We are specialists in Quality Control and Value Added Services

Integrated system

Our bespoke in-house developed IT system improves efficiency across our warehouses

Major UK sites

We operate 3 warehouses in Corby, Dartford and Birmingham.

Europa Warehouse

Award winning services

Our top of the class services cover 3pl, logistics and warehousing

Ecommerce experts

Our specialist team is skilled in supporting internet entrepreneurs

Grow your business with our complete logistics solution

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