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Europa Road MBX

Europa’s MBX Service Goes the Distance

Europa Road, a dedicated division of leading independent logistics operator, Europa Worldwide Group, is celebrating the success of its premium MBX (Money Back Express) service one year on from the launch of this unique product.
The pioneering MBX service offers Europa customers the benefit of a full refund of freight charges in the event that Europa fails to deliver to the customer’s defined and agreed transit time. The business introduced the service as a demonstration of the confidence it has in the reliability and quality of its services, to further set it apart from its competitors.
MBX is a simple, straightforward guarantee. In the unlikely event Europa fails to achieve the criteria of the express, the customer will receive a full refund of freight charges for that shipment swiftly and with no discussion, even if the failure is outside Europa’s control.
Since the launch 12 months ago, the business has received great interest from customers with the number of bookings increasing by more than 50 per cent.
Sales Director at Europa Road, Dionne Redpath, said: “I’m delighted by the popularity of our MBX service. We’ve had excellent feedback from new and existing customers who say they chose the service for the guarantee it provides. Offering a money-back guarantee could be perceived as high risk but we know our business and we have the utmost confidence in our quality of service. MBX provides real peace of mind to our customers where timings are exacting and the consequences of failure are significant.”
One of Europa’s MBX “superstars” is Ann Burgess who has sold the most bookings since the service launched. Ann, who was recently promoted to Customer Service Manager at Europa Road in Dartford, said: “We’re really excited to be able to offer such a unique product to our customers – it’s a great way for Europa to add value and the feedback we’ve received is really encouraging – they really enjoy the peace of mind that the guarantee provides.
“The product has been taken up by customers operating a variety of industries and geographies but is especially popular with customers operating to very tight delivery schedules in a penalty-style environment. Now we find they want the service guaranteed as part of their general purchase. We expected it to be popular, simply because it makes sense – the additional cost far outweighs the penalties in the unlikely event that the delivery is late.”
Europa Worldwide Group is a specialist road, air & sea, warehouse and showfreight operator which employs more than 750 staff across 14 sites in the UK, as well as Hong Kong and Belgium.

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