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Europa’s Telesales Team Calls for Talent

We’re pleased to announce that we are planning to grow our telesales team by 50 per cent during 2018 to support our ongoing sales drive across its Air & Sea, Road, Warehousing and Showfreight divisions.

The team is on the lookout for talented telesales executives who want to be part of a fast-paced team making the essential first contact with potential new clients.

Telesales Manager, Sonal Patel, has worked in telesales for 20 years and been with Europa since the business was acquired by Managing Director, Andrew Baxter, in 2014. She said that boosting the telesales team is an important investment in the future overall growth of the business. Europa Telesales Manager, Sonal Patel
She said: “Europa’s approach to business is refreshing and something which attracted me to the business when I joined four years ago. Our values of family spirit, personality and positivity are reflected in everything we do – I personally have great relationships with my team and the Directors of the business. As a long-standing leader in the industry, we’re confident of the growth plans and I’m excited to share our vision by expanding our team.
“Telesales is an integral aspect of the business and it’s not just time spent on the phone; liaising with our field sales team, contact with our 11 regional branches and ensuring our customers receive the best possible service come part and parcel with the role. Getting under the skin of new customers and developing personalised, bespoke customer service to meet their individual needs is what sets us apart.”

Angus Hind, Director of Air & Sea at Europa, said: “We’re looking for driven, enthusiastic telesales executives with a passion for excellent customer service. Our telesales team are committed to creating opportunities for the sales teams at Europa and do a great job of creating genuine, lasting relationships with new customers; we want to expand this team with like minded individuals to help grow all of Europa’s divisions.”

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