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With a suggested Brexit date of 31st October, we would urge our customers to use the extended deadline to complete preparations in order that shipments flow as efficiently as possible.


If there’s a no deal conclusion, there will be immediate changes to the way we trade with our EU partners and goods that move between the UK and the EU will require customs clearance.



We’ve been working hard to get Brexit ready, investing in new systems, people and infrastructure, including hiring customs clearance and operational staff at our 1Hub in Dartford. We have plans in place to ensure we’re ready to switch to a full customs clearance. We have expanded capacity in our 1Hub create space for freight that may become slowed down by the clearance process, and have reviewed varied options for alternative shipping routes. We’re facing the possibility of a big change, and a challenging one at that, but we’re doing all we can to be prepared for all outcomes.

The extended deadline means we all have more time to be able to finalise arrangements and we remain on hand and available to help and support your business through the preparation period. We’d encourage all our customers to ensure your operations is ready too.  Here are some useful links to ensure you’re ready.  Please do contact any member of the Europa team.


Looking forward

Europa’s plans and how to assist your business… Read more

Latest News

We’re launching a Brexit recruitment programme as part of our plans to prepare for Britain leaving the EU. Read more

Useful links

Brexit information centre Find out more ..

This is what we’re doing:-

  • Completed a million-pound remodel of our Dartford 1hub to double the operating capacity of the site,
  • Embarked on AEO accreditation
  • Increased our ETSF facility in Dartford
  • Developed enhanced IT processes to support the changes
  • Increased customs and financial facilities to support and facilitate shipments into the ETSF
We’ll continue to update you and support you as much as we can and our team are our team are happy to assist with any queries you may have.
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