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Preparations for Brexit – In-Country Customs Arrangements

Here’s our Brexit-ready checklist – the steps your business should be taking in order to minimise disruption to the shipments entrusted to Europa Road.

  1. EORI Number Your business will not be able to export or import without an EORI number.  Whilst the Government has taken recent steps to auto-enrol a significant number of businesses, we would urge customers to check that this vital first step is completed.
  2. Know your HS Codes The amount of Duty payable to imports and exports is determined by the HS code of the products your business may import and export.  Ensure you correctly describe your products and assign the correct HS code.
  3. Ensure your invoices are compliant and consider Incoterms Export declarations will be required for every shipment and HMRC may wish to check that the data on the commercial invoice matches the export declaration and the actual goods.  A compliant invoice contains the following critical information:-
  • Gross and Net Weights, values and currencies by HS code
  • Country of Origin of goods
  • EORI number

It’s not mandatory to show CPC Codes or Special instructions on an invoice but the party creating the declaration will require this instruction in some format (for example – ‘returns’ or ‘repair’).

Consider Incoterms.  Europa Road recommends, where possible, that our customers amend from DDP to DAP terms – thereby placing the responsibility for the import formalities in the country of receipt as it’s the most logical place to happen.  If you’re unable to amend your export terms of sale from DDP, you will need to have an EU EORI in order to correctly account for any duties or VAT applicable on import into the EU.

4. Talk to your Customers and Suppliers Ensure that your customers are prepared to complete the import formalities for the shipment you are sending to them. Ensure that your suppliers are able to provide a compliant invoice for the goods you are buying from them.  They can use the same guideline and principle as before.

Europa is able to complete the export and import declarations for your business, your suppliers and your customers, including taking payment of any VAT and duty where it applies.

Don’t worry if you wish to perform the formalities yourself or you wish to nominate another party – simply tell us now so that we know how to manage your shipments when the time comes.

5.Talk to us! We’d urge customers not to wait to tell us how you’d like to proceed with your shipments.   Your account manager will keep this information on file so that shipments are managed in the correct way when the time comes.

Looking forward

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Useful links

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This is what we’re doing:-

  • Completed a million-pound remodel of our Dartford 1hub to double the operating capacity of the site,
  • Embarked on AEO accreditation
  • Increased our ETSF facility in Dartford
  • Developed enhanced IT processes to support the changes
  • Increased customs and financial facilities to support and facilitate shipments into the ETSF
We’ll continue to update you and support you as much as we can and our team are our team are happy to assist with any queries you may have.
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