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Long Service Awards

Long Service Awards are celebrated at Europa Worldwide Group

Celebrating Our Long-Serving Staff

We’re celebrating several of our hard-working employees who have been with the business for a combined total of 260 years.
Thirteen of our team members have been recognised at our annual Long Service Awards, where they were presented with gift cards, certificates and bottles of Champagne.
Two staff who have both reached an impressive milestone of 30 years with us are Ann Burgess, Customer Services Manager at Europa Road, and Jeff Cameron, who works in the Transit Warehouse at Europa Warehouse in Dartford. A further 11 team members have been with the company for 20 years:
* Jacqueline Wyatt, Sales, Europa Road
* Lukman Miah, Transit Warehouse, Europa Road
* Lenny Pattenden, Domestic Transport, Europa Road
* Sandra Campbell, Road Operations, Europa Road
* Tina Mabey, Accounts
* Linda Orpwood, Logistics Warehouse, Europa Warehouse
* Sharon Lynch, Sales, Europa Road
* Sharron Bolton, Accounts
* Amanda Hockin-Pethick, Accounts
* Keith Purnell, Transit Warehouse, Europa Road
* Jeff Broom, Europa Showfreight
Ann Burgess joined Europa at the age of 17, working in a number of different roles before moving into customer services. Ann said: “I love the challenge of working at Europa because every day is different. We’re a very dedicated team, we strive to be the best and everyone has the same goal. Everyone works together really well which creates a brilliant atmosphere.”
The group was celebrated at our annual Long Service Awards evening at Ferraris restaurant in Bexley, where they were thanked and presented with gifts by our Managing Director, Andrew Baxter.
Andrew said: “I’m thrilled to see these valued members of the Europa team celebrating their 20 and 30-year work anniversaries with us. One of our company values at Europa is to encourage positivity and a family spirit. We believe that long term success comes to teams that work together, respect each other and value character and personality. The dedication of this group is wonderful to see and I’m very grateful for all of their hard work over the years.”

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