Our values

Our values are at the core of our business and showcase what makes us different. Broken down into 11 separate values, they form our DNA at Europa and set out the culture we want to create and the way we expect our teams to act. We believe in simple and honest transactions, sticking to our word and delivering quality. Team spirit, acting reasonably and driving out complexity are just a few of our priorities and are part of everything we do.

We seek to create an inspiring, good humoured and driven work environment

The performance of our business depends entirely on the motivation of our people. To get the best out of our people we need to make work as interesting and challenging as it can be. We must create a fun environment where people feel at ease. A place where people enjoy being rather than one they are eager to escape.

We act reasonably and insist that we are treated reasonably

Acting unreasonably is self-defeating. If we act unreasonably we damage our reputation internally and externally. However we are not weak, we must insist that we are treated with respect and given a good deal.

We give customer service wrapped in passion and personality

It is absolutely essential that we give highly efficient (internal and external) customer service. However, efficiency alone is not enough. We need to wrap our service in passion and personality. With every interaction, on every day of every week, we must make the effort to make our customers feel good. Only if we connect with them, will they want to come back.

We take bold steps that stretch our individual and cumulative potential

Whilst we might not like risk, it is bold moves that will get us up in the morning, and make us think and act proactively. Therefore it is important that the company takes regular ambitious steps that create focus and momentum.

If we stop growing we will slow down the personal development of our people. Therefore we should seek growth that creates opportunities to maximise the potential of our team.

If we push ourselves to the limits of our capabilities then we will feel fulfilled and the company will fulfil its potential.

We do what is right, not what is easy

We must be brave enough not to take soft options. We must deal with our weaknesses as quickly as possible, putting good times ahead of us, by getting our issues behind us.

We build positive teams with family spirit

we foster respect for each other and create teams which value character and personality. We show consideration for our colleagues and help out in times of difficulty, even when it is not "our" problem. We look after each other, long term success comes only to teams that work together.

We drive out complexity

We must continuously find ways to drive complexity out of our business. However we must not fall foul of over simplifications, as they will only mask a problem. We need to cut through the fog, and ensure that our set up is based upon straightforward concepts that work. We must speak in clear language that seeks to demystify what we do.

We ask the "dumb questions" so that we understand things thoroughly

We must create an environment where people challenge the status quo and feel free to ask the "dumb questions". Otherwise we will end up with a structure and processes that are based upon tradition, rather than, what is actually required.

We must encourage people to thoroughly understand what we do and why we do it. We won't achieve that if we crush people's enthusiasm when they ask questions.

We take care to keep our promises

We must not make promises we can't keep. We must deliver on the promises we make.

Every failure to deliver on our word corrodes our credibility.

We seek to set the pace in our market

In order to be sure of success, we need to offer products and services that are noticeably better than those of our competitors. Anything less leaves us vulnerable.

We work safely
and responsibly

Our number one priority is to look after the safety of our team and those affected by our business. Not just because we are compelled to do so, but because we care about our people. We never prioritise operational expedience over the safety of our team.

We are good neighbours and seek to minimise any negative impact of our operation upon the environment around us. We do not take risks that could fundamentally jeopardise the wellbeing of the company.

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