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What is the Rapid Career Development Programme?

Our programme offers school leavers the chance of professional sales career and the opportunity to start earning whilst learning as part of our European roadfreight team 

With a clear focus on achieving transparent sales targets.  From the start you’ll get a company car and a salary of £22,500 and the opportunity to earn commission in the first six months. 

Why a sales career in logistics?

Think about the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the stuff you use every day – it all needs transporting from somewhere! This is what Europa does – it’s very likely that you’re wearing something right now that has travelled across Europe on one of our modes of transport. Our services are vital – we’re the glue that joins every bit of the supply chain together. 

Our Europa Road team manages freight shipped daily to and from the UK and Europe. With a branch team of 140 we have offices across the country dedicated to a top-notch experience for our 5,000 customers, meaning goods arrive on time at the best possible price. 


How quickly can I progress?

For the first phase you will be a Trainee Road Account Manager and learn everything you need to know about roadfreight sales. You will then gradually progress, where you will start to build and retain your own customer base.  Your progressions is subject to performance and meeting agreed sales targets.  

What is the entry criteria?

To be eligible for the programme, Europa is looking for exceptional young people who:

  • Have a full, clean driving licence   
  • Demonstrate intelligence, common sense in fact a huge amount of drive and ambition 
  • Are strong all-rounders, but not necessarily academic 
  • Show a huge amount of interest in the commercial world 
  • Are focused upon building a successful career 
  • Eager to learn  
  • Minimum age of 18 

We’re looking for the best people who will be the perfect addition to our ambitious team We’re committed to demonstrating that a route straight into work is exciting, rewarding, and thrilling We’re offering a serious alternative to University for the brightest and the best school leavers. 

Where would I be based?

At one of our network of regional Europa Road branches across the country.

How do I apply?

Complete our online form here. Applications are currently closed.

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