Frequently Asked Questions answered by one of our first recruits on the programme.

Q: How did you cope with meeting targets and progressing up the ladder?
A:  At the beginning of the programme (the first 12 months) there are no fixed sales targets, only when you join the account manager scheme in the second year.   You do get set professional and personal development targets, but you’re fully supported to help you meet them.
Q: How did you cope with the transition from education to working in a company, which is the size of Europa?
A:  For most people you will be working in smaller branches so it’s not scary at all.  Everyone is welcoming and friendly.  Even people from other branches treat you with respect!
Q: What is the one aspect of your job you find most fulfilling?
A:  Solving problems that our customers have, or our partners are having.
Q: What has been your biggest challenge whilst working within Europa?
A:  Starting to have sales targets can be quite daunting but if you listen to all the help given, anyone can achieve them.
Q: Customer service is a principle value for the company. In your experience at Europa, how much contact do you have with customers to build solid relations?
A: 100% of the time is spent talking to customers. A large part of this role is based on customer service.
Q: What skills have you learnt from the job?
A: Patience, time management and teamwork.
Q: What skills or qualities do you think will help make you successful at the job role?
A: Honesty and passion.
Q: In your opinion, what’s the difference between someone who will be successful in the role and someone who may not?
A:To be successful in this role someone needs to be determined to achieve, have a passion for what they’re selling and be confident in the product and their own capabilities.
Q: How did you feel when you first started at Europa? Was it daunting?
A:  No as everyone is friendly and ready to help.
Q: Have you received the level of support you have needed since starting on the programme?
A: Yes, everyone in the office has always been willing to help.
Q: Is your Manager easy to approach and have you felt comfortable in asking for help?
A:  Yes. There is always help and support provided.
Q: Why would you recommend the Rapid Career Development Programme?
A:  It’s a great opportunity to get a step above everyone else whilst learning.
Q: What are your day to day responsibilities during the first year on the programme?
A:  Responding to emails with quotes and any other customer requests as well as tracking shipments via Leonardo (our IT software) and resolving any issues our operations team may be having.
Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Europa?
A:  The working environment is a great experience!
Q: Is the Rapid Career Development Programme as you expected it to be?
A:  Yes, as it has allowed me to develop my career whilst also earning.
Q: What is the workplace like?
A:  A friendly place full of banter.
Q: How do you find the speed of the programme? Is it a struggle to keep up with the pace of development throughout the programme?
A:  The speed is just fine and gives you plenty of time to sort any issues.
Q: Has the Rapid Career Development Programme helped you develop in your professional career?
A:  The role has really helped develop my understanding of logistics within Europe as well as my own administrative and sales skills.
Q: Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?
A:  Hopefully I will have reached a Senior Sales role and be progressing towards management.
Q: Is there anything you wish you knew, which perhaps you weren’t made aware of, or expected when you joined the programme?
A:  No. Everything was as expected.
Q: What is the New Starter Induction process like?
A:  The starter process gives you simple 1 on 1’s with the branch manager to help develop your knowledge as well as a direct mentor with someone else in the branch who will always be available to help.  You get an induction programme that gives you all the information you need to do your job.
Q: How have you progressed since starting the programme?
A:  I now have a deeper understanding of both Europa’s service and the industry.
Q: What advice would you offer to a school leaver applying for this position?
A:  Be honest and genuine as that’s what Europa is all about.

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