a passion for logistics
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Our people

For over 50 years Europa has been providing a trusted service with a dedicated team across the UK and beyond who all have a "passion for logistics".

Thank you to our team


These are challenging times and we are very proud of how our teams have responded.

We are particularly grateful to those who cannot work from home, those drivers, warehouse staff and others who get up each morning and go to work to keep our businesses running.

Thank you, to all of you, for helping us get through this difficult period in the best possible way.

A team of people, experts in logistics, trained in the industry and knowledgable of your business
The Europa Air and Sea freight team of people delivering cost effective services and transit times to every customer

A passion for logistics

Our people are passionate about always delivering the very best economic and transit times for each and every one of our customers and we pride ourselves on our beautifully simple operation.  As experts in logistics you can rest assured that when working with Europa, your shipment is our priority.

Over 50 years of cost-effective logistics services

Europa began above a bookmakers in the East End of London in 1967.  Owner Adrian Chambers was a professional racing car driver who found it hard to find a company who would ship cars and parts between the UK and Italy. Some 47 years later, the business was acquired by Andrew Baxter in 2013 when it employed 460 people and had a turnover of £76 million.  Today we employ 1000 members of staff and we’re aiming to achieve a turnover of £400 million in the coming years.

Dionne Redpath, Sales Director of Europa Road in the sales department in our Head office in Dartford.

Focused on value and customer satisfaction

Our values are at the core or our business. We believe in simple and honest transactions, sticking to our word and delivery quality. Team spirit, acting reasonably and driving out complexity are just a few of our priorities and are part of everything we do.

Using Europa gives us peace of mind that the delivery into our UK stockists will be handled efficiently and professionally thanks to their proven track record.

Kevin Batley, Managing Director

Sahara Presentation Systems PLC

Dionne Redpath, Director of Europa Road in the road sales department in our Head Office in Dartford

Our leadership team

Andrew BaxterChief Executive
Dionne RedpathChief Operating Officer
Dan CookOperations Director
Adrian RedmileBranch Network and Sales Director
Tom JenkinsCentral Services Director
Angus HindAir and Sea Director
Maria Torrent-MarchLogistics Director
Rob JonesFinance Director

Interested in joining the europa team?

There could be a job in our friendly and ambitious team which has your name on it.

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