Our story

Europa Worldwide Group is one of the largest privately owned transport and logistics companies in the United Kingdom.

Celebrating a Decade of Growth

We are celebrating a ‘Decade of Growth’, marking 10 years since Europa Worldwide Group’s acquisition by our CEO and transport entrepreneur, Andrew Baxter.

Andrew acquired Europa in August 2013, when the company employed just 400 people across nine UK branches and one international site in Hong Kong. Today, the business turns over £302m, an increase of 400 per cent and employs more than 1,400 people across 29 sites globally.

The business has come a long way, with major investment and innovations helping it set the pace in the market!

We now employ over 1400 people across 29 international sites and have a presence in more than 160 countries across the globe, offering RoadAir and Sea and Warehouse services. As an award-winning multimodal operator featured in The Sunday Times Track 250 for three years running, we are continuing to expand and innovate.

Formed by Andrew Dare in 1966, Europa was one of the very first transport companies to establish express services into mainland Europe. We began with just daily services to and from Italy, with one office in Barking in Essex and only four staff. Over time we expanded our road routes to cover all of mainland Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Our working knowledge of what it takes to make a European Express Network of services function has established us as an innovator and leaders in our sector.

Scheduled road service departures per week

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Focused on value and customer satisfaction

We’re about being transparent, acting reasonably and encouraging family spirit within our teams (just a few of our company values) and we always put our customers first. You can trust us to keep our promises and to do what is right, not what’s easy. Our passion for logistics sets us apart from other transport companies.

We give customer service wrapped in passion and personality

It is absolutely essential that we give highly efficient (internal and external) customer service. However, efficienct alone is not enough. We need to wrap our service in passion and personality. With every interaction, on every day of the every week, we must make the effort to make our customers feel good. Only if we connect with then, will they want to come back.

We act reasonably and insist that we are treated reasonably

Acting unreasonablity is self-defeating. If we act unreasonably we damage our reputation internally and externally. However we are not weak, we must insist that we are treated with respect and given a good deal.

We drive out complexity

We must continuously find ways to drive complexity out of our business. However we must not fall foul of over simplifications, as this will only mask a problem. We need to cut through the fog, and ensure that our set up is based on upon straightforward concepts that work. We must speak a clear language that seeks to demystify what we do.

We build positive teams with family spirit

We foster respect for each other and create teams which value character and personality. We show consideration for our colleagues and help out in times of difficulty, even when it is not "our" problem. We look after each other, long term success comes only to team that work together.

Our emblem shows “Europa”, a Phoenician princess from Greek mythology, after whom the continent of Europe was named. At first sight of Europa, the God Zeus was instantly overcome by her beauty and grace. He later declared his love for her, fathering her three sons and appointing her the Queen of Crete. The metaphorical meaning of her name is “intelligent and open-minded” which we hope is reflective of our organisation.

Our values are at the core of our business and showcase what makes us different. Broken down into 11 separate values, they form our DNA at Europa and set out the culture we want to create and the way we expect our teams to act. We believe in simple and honest transactions, sticking to our word and delivering quality. Team spirit, acting reasonably and driving out complexity are just a few of our priorities and are part of everything we do.

A dedicated team with a passion for logistics

The Europa Road Team in Sheffield smile together in red Europa branded hoodies

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