Warehouse Case Study: Europa’s Role in the Wine Box Business

3PL and ecommerce fulfilment specialist Europa Warehouse supports ‘e-tailer’ startups and entrepreneurs, helping them scale up.  Award-winning boxed wine ecommerce platform, Laylo, is maximising Europa’s Corby site for its logistics management at a time of unprecedented growth. 

Helping Startups Scale up 

According to the Financial Times, the pandemic trend where people consumed more alcohol at home continues because of the cost-of-living crisis. As a result of these changing consumer habits, the global boxed wine market is growing rapidly and is set to reach $1,829m (USD) by 2032. During this growth period, startup brands like Laylo are under more pressure to meet an increased demand. 

Palletised Storage and 3PL Services 

To help deliver an efficient logistics management process, Laylo chose Europa Warehouse, a division of ambitious independent logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group. The warehouse team, located in Europa’s £60m Corby 3PL facility, is responsible for packing wine into Laylo’s uniquely designed boxes, labelling, storing and distributing them.  

Laura Rosenberger, Co-Founder of Laylo, said: “By sourcing top quality wines and using smart packaging to ensure they stay fresh for longer, we are challenging the preconceptions customers have about boxed wine. It’s an incredibly exciting time for Laylo, but with growth comes increased operational complexity. 

“The partnership with Europa Warehouse will be instrumental in supporting our processing, packing, and storage capabilities. As a startup business, we need a properly coordinated palletised storage 3PL process to offer customers an unrivalled order experience.”  

Corby’s Capabilities 

Corby’s expansive 18-metre-high racking with integrated systems technology in its narrow aisles increases Europa’s storage capacity, organisation and convenience, which is ideal for Laylo’s growing customer base. Corby also houses an £11m high-tech automation system optimises picking rates and increases throughput. Volumes of goods passing through the warehouse have increased by 350 per cent since June 2020, from 8,000 units per day to 28,000 per day. 

Europa Warehouse already supports leading drink brands in the retail and ecommerce sector covering gin, craft beer, cocktails and bottled wine. Its experience as an industry-leading 3PL provider and bonded warehouse helps ecommerce businesses with demand planning and visibility in order to scale up.   

Helping Entrepreneurial Startups Scaling Up 

Sally Watson, Head of Logistics Sales for Europa Warehouse, commented: “Laylo is at a very exciting point, with a great reputation and limitless growth potential. Therefore, this collaboration will be imperative for ensuring the company seamlessly navigates through a rapidly changing marketplace. 

“It’s also a great opportunity for us to support entrepreneurial startups who can take advantage of our facilities.  Brands like Laylo can benefit from the advanced storage, pick rates and distribution efficiency of the Corby site. The biggest brands out there have had to start somewhere, and we can provide the perfect gateway.” 

The number of new food and beverage startups launched in the UK has risen by 47 per cent since 2020. Europa Warehouse’s award-winning bonded sites in Dartford, Birmingham and Corby have over one million sq. ft combined of dedicated warehouse and logistics space. In short, these sites provide startup businesses with the facilities to thrive and scale-up.  

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