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Europa Air and Sea spreads its wings with new business wins

Success for Air & Sea division

Europa Air and Sea celebrates new business wins. Following the recent appointment of its new Pricing and Procurement Manager Europa Air & Sea has seen a rapid increase in its pricing team’s success.

Matthew Greenway

Matthew Greenway joined Europa Air & Sea with more than 13 years’ experience in the sector and immediately set to work outlining his vision and goals for the team’s strategy to be number one in the market place.

Since joining, Matthew’s team success rate has rocketed up by 17 per cent.

Within the new role as Pricing and Procurement Manager, Matthew is responsible for carrier and supplier engagement.

By reviewing the strategy and working closely with suppliers to drive a closer and better business relationship, the division is growing in line with Europa’s agenda.

Comment from Matthew Greenway

“I’m very passionate about encouraging my team to work in tandem with our customers – this means treating each opportunity on its own merit and taking the time to produce a competitive cost that is based on a sailing that can service the opportunity to the high standard we strive to deliver our customers.

“Today in the industry a rate only gets you so far, with shipping lines closely monitoring GP the consistent service levels will only be applied to those willing to pay the market rate.

“At Europa we stay close to our suppliers and close to the market, so we are able to apply this thought principle at quoting stage.

“We have a broad mixture of customers which means it is vital that our team is well versed and confident across a range of sectors, demonstrating their valuable knowledge of the industries in which our customers operate.

“We’ve certainly become much more competitive over recent months and we’ve seen a wave of new business come in off the back of thinking about every aspect of the quote more.

“We are competent at delivering across both import and export markets. Our team has a varied wealth of experience and I’m proud to say there isn’t an opportunity we couldn’t offer a robust and competitive quote for.

“The future really is very bright for Europa Air & Sea and I’m excited to see what the rest of 2019 holds for us.”

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