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Covid-19 Policies

Europa has put in place a number of measures to ensure that we can operate our business as well as possible, whilst making sure the health and safety of our staff, customers and partners remains a priority. Please click here to read our current Covid-19 policies. 

Covid-19 – An Update from Andrew Baxter

Update May 15th 2020:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made significant changes in order to:

1) Protect our employees, by working from home and operating our sites in a safe manner that observes government guidelines.

2) Continue to provide our full range of services our customers, with the highest possible level of quality.

I can confirm that all services are being provided plus/ minus as normal, subject to some modest delays in certain areas.

If you require more details, please speak to your normal Europa contact who will be happy to explain in detail any impact upon our service to you.

Best regards,

Covid-19 – An Update From Andrew Baxter

Update March 20th 2020:

In reaction to Coronavirus we have taken all possible steps to protect our employees and made a quick shift so that 80% of our office staff are now working from home. This should not materially impact the quality of service you receive.

In addition, and for the benefit of us all, Europa’s own employed drivers are temperature tested each day.

All our physical operations are performing largely as normal. Please be assured we have plans in place to keep our operational sites running (subject to a brief downtime for cleaning) when actual cases of staff infection do occur (we have not had any so far).

Generally, Road and Seafreight flows are moving pretty well under the circumstances, we expect this to continue. Airfreight flows are being disrupted due to flight cancellations and lack of capacity driving up prices.

Many delivery points are now refusing to sign PODs, in those cases we cannot accept liability.

Obviously the current environment is creating and will create some issues in terms of disrupted schedules, in European road freight this has tended to lead to a one day delay. It is also having some cost implications on certain routes, but if we have any issues we will discuss these with you.

In terms of our Warehouse business, all of our sites are functioning largely as normal. We have capacity available if needed for any additional inventory requirements. Our Contact Centre business is continuing as normal.

I can fully assure you we are doing everything we can to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Best regards,

Covid-19 Update

The Coronavirus situation is changing on a daily basis. We’re monitoring every development and we remain completely vigilant and thoroughly committed to protecting our people and servicing our clients’ requirements. We’ll take every measure possible to mitigate and minimise disruption for our collective businesses.

Europa Road
Update March 25th 2020:

Dear valued Europa Road customer,

Following our previous information regarding the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, please find our latest update below:-

  •  We continue to follow daily guidance issued by Public Health England and the WHO. We remain completely vigilant and thoroughly committed to protecting our people and servicing our clients’ requirements and we’ll take every measure possible to mitigate and minimise disruption for our collective businesses.
  • We have implemented our Business Continuity programme and review the strategies and steps each day against the prevailing circumstances to ensure that our actions are appropriate and timely.
  • Presently, across our business, those able to work from home have been deployed from home but your business should see no disruption to customer care or service levels as a result of this change. We’re available on Teams for virtual face-to-face interactions with our customers.
  • Practically all of our network partners have reported a significant change in approach by customers to the signing of PODs on delivery. In the main, customers are unwilling to handle driver paperwork or PDA’s and instead are instructing the driver to complete the POD themselves using the receiving party name, date and time of delivery. Naturally this is something which is completely outside of Europa and our Network’s control. Regrettably, we cannot be held liable for any issues arising as a result of this change in consignee behaviour.
  • Following the much-reported delays at border crossings throughout Europe (where drivers may be asked to take temperature readings or to confirm details of previous journeys), it would be prudent for customers to calculate transit times with +1 day at this present time.
  • Trucking availability across most of Europe remains steady, with shortages and delays reported in the more heavily affected regions (Italy for example). This may result in increases to trucking cost which will be advised on an arising basis where applicable.
  • As the situation is changing by the day, we’d kindly ask for customers to take a flexible approach when requesting a timed slot (fixed or window) for collections and deliveries. Every effort will be made to adhere to the request but in giving us maximum flexibility, you give us the best opportunity to achieve your overall requirement in the most economical way.
  • Finally, it’s essential that customers check that the receiving party is open to take delivery of shipments in order to avoid unnecessary costs of returning goods because we’re unable to complete the delivery. We’d kindly ask our customers to adopt this practice for all shipments until further notice. If the circumstance results in the return of a shipment, unfortunately we’ll have no choice but to pass the charge through.

By working collaboratively together I’m sure our businesses can continue to support one another through what is a very challenging and unprecedented period of time. As always, your Account or Branch Manager is on hand to assist with any specific issues you may need to discuss.

Yours faithfully, The Europa Road Team

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