New partnership boosts European road freight services

Europa Road continues to deliver for UK businesses trading with mainland Europe by providing daily services to more key countries than any other operator in the market.

Raben Group partnership
Launched on 1st March, a new partnership with independently owned, Raben Group, strengthens Europa’s services to and from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Europa Road overview
Europa Road is the European road freight division of independent ambitious operator Europa Worldwide Group. Europa Road’s network of sales branches, across the UK and Ireland manage the shipments of goods into its 1Hub in Dartford from domestic depots. From here, freight connects daily with direct services to a partner network of 42 continental hubs.

Who is Raben Group?
Raben Group is a leader in European comprehensive TFL services, including road freight with an impressive network that covers 15 countries, facilities in 160 locations and 1,600,000 m2 of warehouse capacity.  Europa Road will connect daily with Raben’s central hub in Rokycany, Czech, from where connections operate daily to Eastern countries of Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

How will Europa Road UK customers benefit?
Europa Road’s UK-based customers will also benefit from improved visibility of consignments through the life of their journey, an area that often causes challenges for customers.  This combined with well controlled and extensive customs expertise supporting both DDP and DAP shipments means that this new partnership is a win-win for businesses across Europe.

Dan Cook, Operations director at Europa Worldwide Group
“We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Raben who are one of the largest and far-reaching independent partners in Europe.
“Teaming up with the highest quality partners means we continue to leverage our position to attract and maintain the volume of consignments needed to offer daily departures to European countries.”
“Eurohub Rokycany is a bridge between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Thanks to this gateway, even in these uncertain times, we can secure customers’ business by offering them tailor-made solutions that are competitive on the market. By consolidating groupage cargo, faster and more efficient processes, this Eurohub skilfully meets the needs of the European customers.” explains Jiri Sedlacek, International Road Network Director, Raben Logistics Czech.

Europa’s state-of-the-art Investment
Over the past five years Europa has invested in its operation to provide the best system available for distributing goods between the UK and Europe via part load, full load or groupage.
Europa’s purpose-built transit hub in Dartford provides daily groupage services between the UK and the Continent. Known as the ‘1Hub,’ this £30m state-of-the-art groupage depot is located close to the Dartford Crossing. Today a record 40,000 consignments per month pass seamlessly through the 26,368 sq.m transit terminal.

Europa’s Money Back Guarantee
The company recently announced its successful return to guaranteed pre-Brexit delivery times across Europe and is the only operator offering a delivery time agreement. Its Money Back Guarantee is currently available on all its UK and Ireland European freight options – groupage, part and full loads, and dedicated vans to Europe.

DDP solution, Europa Flow
Europa’s success is largely down to the strength of its network operations and its investment in Europa Flow – a pioneering DDP product which the company was first to market with and which offers a customs solution to avoid post Brexit transit delays.
This was created following a £5m investment in technology and infrastructure. Since the launch of the pioneering service, the company has delivered 300,000 consignments, with 50 per cent of all UK groupage exports now using DDP.