Europa Appoints Non-Executive Director to Support Company Growth

Leading logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group has appointed Rob Jones as its first Non-Executive Director. 

Rob will provide support and guidance on the company’s strategy and support its ambitious growth plans.  Rob worked closely with Andrew Baxter when he first acquired the business in 2013. 

Years of experience

With years of business experience, Rob has multiple skills and has utilised these previously to start an intelligence led security solutions firm VSG. Founded by him and three colleagues the business grew into the fourth largest security company in the UK, with 6,500 employees. It is this expertise in business growth that Andrew is keen to utilise. 

Andrew Baxter, Managing Director of Europa Worldwide Group, comments: “We’ve decided to create a new role within the business, to support the business in driving forward our growth strategy.” 

Rob’s role will include reviewing the strategy for Europa Worldwide Group, across all divisions, whilst providing high level advice, covering various opportunities which the company is currently investigating.

A successful entrepreneur

Andrew continues: “At the moment, Rob’s short-term focus will be on reviewing the company’s strategy in the context of COVID-19 and how we need to adapt to make the best of what is undoubtedly a difficult operating environment.  

“In addition, Rob will be assisting with the company’s desire to maximise opportunities flowing from Brexit and how we navigate through those changes, when they do come into effect.

“As a very successful entrepreneur with an impressive track record, we welcome Rob’s expertise during these uncertain times, and we’re very much looking forward to having him back with the Europa family.”

Rob Jones said: “I’m delighted to be working with Andrew Baxter again. Having been involved in the early days it’s a privilege to come back and see how successful the business has become and how much it has grown since I was last here. 

“Europa has a high quality and stable senior management team so I’m looking forward to working alongside them all again. Over the past few years, the company has performed extremely well and although there are clearly some short-term complexities ahead, I’m confident we can work together to deliver Europa’s long-term growth plans.”