Europa Flow

Europa Reveals Stats for its DDP Product

Europa Road has revealed statistics for its “frictionless customs product” Europa Flow, which sets the firm at the forefront of cross-border logistics.

In the period 1 January to 30 April, Europa has shipped 30,000 Europa Flow consignments, and each month is exporting goods worth an average of £60m.

More about Europa Flow

Europa Road is the European road freight division of pioneering logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group.  Europa invested more than £5m preparing for Brexit, including the launch of the unique dedicated customs product Europa Flow.

Europa Flow was developed over 12 months, and facilitates exports to the EU on DDP terms, thereby easing the flow of goods between the UK and Europe.  Europa Flow removes hassle for the EU customers of UK exporters by removing their need to appoint a customs broker, complete import declarations or pay import duties, whilst the process zero rates the import VAT.

Europa’s Brexit investment

Europa invested heavily in order to be ready for Brexit. These preparations included £2m investment in its Dartford transit warehouse to increase racking capacity by 75 per cent and a further £3m on consultants, IT, recruitment and training.

A broad range of customers are using Europa Flow daily from manufacturers exporting parts and machinery to Europe, sportswear, toys and biscuits, and the list of customers is growing weekly.

Comment from Dionne Redpath, Sales and Branch Network Director at Europa.

Europa Flow offers customers a smooth solution for the delivery of goods anywhere in Europe in a way that allows them to protect their EU customer base.  With 30k consignments under our belts, it’s now a well-established and proven process.  We see a total value of duty deferred overseen is around £1.8m per month (using EU duty deferment accounts) and growing as we onboard significant numbers of new clients per week.

“As a result, we have seen a huge increase in volumes from our customers because they’ve experienced the seamless, hassle-free service. After the work that the whole team has put into creating Europa Flow we’re delighted with the volumes we’re delivering.”

More about Europa Worldwide Group

Europa Worldwide Group has six divisions – Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, Europa Showfreight, Europa Warehouse, Europa Contact Centre and Continental Cargo Carriers and has featured in The Sunday Times Top Track 250 for the last three years.